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Inwatec Personnel Services

The employees of Inwatec Personnel Services are characterized by their professional, positive critical, and customer-oriented conduct.  They work result-oriented, keep both feet firmly on the ground, and feel most comfortable in a professional and competent environment. Developing, securing, and implementing expertise are the top priorities for our employees.

Inwatec Personnel Services hires and recruits competent, motivated, well-educated personnel for temporary or permanent employment opportunities as

  • CNC milling cutters / turners
  • Systems engineers for power plants
  • Systems engineers for industrial plants
  • Welder certified in all test procedures
  • Industrial engineers
  • Mechatronics
  • Electricians and systems engineers
  • ISO fitters
  • Pipefitters
  • Machinists

We provide engineers for planning and project work as well as project and construction site managers to implement and execute planned and contracted work.

In the segment of personnel services, we custom-tailor solutions to fit your needs. Early on, we work with you on your personnel needs, the personnel qualifications, and work periods; we create work schedules and provide for subsequent utilization of the personnel that is sent to you as temporary employees. You receive detailed curriculum vitae and references from the employees proposed by Inwatec Personaldienstleistungen (Personnel Services).

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