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R+A Industrial Plant Construction

Service Storage & Compressors

  • On-site repairs on E-cross ties and drilling field gates
  • Exchange of complete E-cross ties and locking fixtures without pumping it empty
  • Complete inspections on E-cross ties and drilling field gates
  • Repairs on quick closing valves to control and monitor the production processes
  • Inspection, maintenance, servicing of storage and compressor facilities
  • Cathodic Corrosion Protection

Service Transport Networks

  • Carrying out transfer measures
  • Carrying out pigging work
  • Maintenance of pipeline networks of crude oil and natural gas production as well as GVU
  • Inspection, maintenance, servicing of gas pressure regulators and metering equipment
  • Cathodic corrosion protection
  • On-site and aerial inspection of transport networks

Industrial plant construction

As general contractor, R+A Industrieanlagenbau constructs plants in the chemical and petrochemical, crude oil and natural gas as well as the food industry.


R+A Industrieanlagenbau offers to service industrial technical equipment and covers the entire service spectrum of repairs after an outage, preventive maintenance or of forward-looking maintenance.

Industrial Service

In the industrial service segment, R+A Industrieanlagenbau covers the areas of pipeline construction, plant construction, and servicing and contracts, coordinates, and documents integrated services such as insulation, scaffolding construction, corrosion protection, fire protection, refurbishing, and facade construction.

Fixtures and Pump Service

R+A Industrieanlagenbau plans, delivers, services, and maintains industrial fixtures and pumps under individual or framework agreements.


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