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Climate Control Strategies

The establishment of Climate Control Strategies GmbH in January of 2010, combines more than 10 years of national and international experience in the development and implementation of industrial environmental protection projects, power plant projects, industrial consulting, and government consulting. As part of a successful company group with over 200 employees, we have strong and dependable partners.

We are fascinated by the technical challenges and developments in climate protection and by the process of worldwide changes in vast areas of energy production, industrial production and agriculture and forestry.

It is our goal to show industrial companies in Germany the opportunities of climate friendly company strategies and to extend this service to international partners and therefore, combine together efficiency and climate protection.

We want to merge your company's investment into the future with investments to benefit the climate and to act socially responsible.

Our consulting teams are experienced in the domestic industry and in all aspects of international cooperation among companies, government agencies, local, and international organizations.

Our company is located in the modern business park in midst of Bremen's Übersee Handelshäfen, which is steeped in tradition.

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